What I’ve Been Up To

My little granddaughter, Leda, has her priorities straight, dividing her time between Peppa the Pig, Spider-Man, Captain America, and numerous other superheroes.  She addresses Bud and me as Grandma and Other Grandma. Before going to preschool she put a bandaid on her shin and had me roll her pants leg up so it would show. Additionally, she applied a huge one to the center of her forehead just before getting out of the car. She was very satisfied by the fuss the kids made at her entrance. That evening at home, she plastered herself with about twenty and proclaimed, “I am so beautiful!” She was right!

It was so refreshing seeing the kids at her school. One morning a little guy met us at the door wearing a tutu and fireman’s helmet while a little girl danced around in a cowboy hat and hula skirt. After a day or two they all greeted “Grandma.”

Leda kept us busy. She had to have at least one Grandma at her side at all times. Other Grandma had to justify not being at her beck and call.

This friendly giant is our grand dog, Leda’s buddy.  He tries to stay between Leda and the grandmas all the time.  Below, you can see him wrapped in a shawl he snitched from my daughter.  He competes for Leda’s treasures, ferreting them out and cuddling them before chewing them up.

Croc with his grandpa.  He managed isolate him for a short time while Leda was running wild.