Bunny Blow Out


It’s a beautiful Easter Sunday Morning here in our small town. I’m currently enjoying a cup of coffee on my front porch, replaying the mornings events in my head.

Easter has always been one of my favorite Holidays since childhood. I have many fond memories from trying to catch the Easter bunny in action to remembering one of my favorite gifts ever received in my basket. A paper doll book.

Things have changed a lot since I was five. I have a deep appreciation for my parents now, especially looking back now being a parent myself (to five great kids). They were always ahead of the Holiday Game.

I’m still not convinced that my parents weren’t given some kind of super stealth ninja powers that allowed them to carry out all of the many holiday surprises without breaking a sweat or ever getting busted by my siblings and I.


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Easter with the Family


I am the barefoot girl standing in the back row. Mother made me wear a dress, since it was Easter. By the time this photo was made, I’d been playing football with my cousins. Two buttons were missing from my new blouse, finished it only that morning. The hem of my skirt was dragging. Needless to say, Mother was not pleased.
Eater egg hunts with my cousins were a lot more like cage boxing than gentle competitions. I am sure I fit right in. I had more than forty first cousins, mostly wild animals. By the time my aunts and uncles herded them to the scene of the Cousins on Christmascrime, they just opened the car doors and all Hell broke loose. Exhausted from defending themselves and the babies on the ride over, it was every man for himself. God help anybody in the way.

They’d rip through the house under the…

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Sunday Meditations


imageThe Swains lined the third pew from the front on the right side of the church.  Daddy insisted on it.  I might be a better person today if I’d gotten to sit on the back pew and write notes and giggle with my friends.  I had a lot of time over the years to study those in front of me, the only thing that kept me from going bonkers during the long service.

Brother Deck, an ancient deacon sat in the middle of the front pew, wearing ancient suits, heavy black, wool in winter and gray gabardine in summer.  The gabardine had been pressed so much it was thin and shiny.  Should it be hot enough for him to remove his jacket, we were treated to a view of a gray, gabardine wedgie, which somehow, he never seemed to notice, though I was always puzzled at how he could tolerate…

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I am so proud to share this post, the first on my niece’s new blog. She has a lot to share!


Looking back on life, I realize every day has been important. There hasn’t been a single experience wasted.

Every moment has taught me something. Even the moments that are cringeworthy. I regret nothing now, even though it took me years to feel that way.

I needed those moments to learn. I needed them to grow. I’m 32 years old and I still learn new things about myself and about life everyday.

I have so many stories to tell. Some funny, some not so funny, but all very real.  Writing a blog is a new step in my journey. I hope to help others through it and maybe even help myself along the way.

So, here’s to stepping out of comfort zones, facing fears, and taking risks. Thank you for taking the time to join me on my newest endeavor.

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