Wedged in

Our American Eskimo Dog, Buzzy, is terrified of storms.  We had a couple of hours of noisy thunderstorms just now and Buzzy was trembling, hyperventilating, and crying.  I couldn’t comfort him.  When I got off the sofa for a minute, Buzzy dived for my spot.  He wedged in when I got back, refusing to move.  He was greatly comforted, blanketed in tightly between Mother and me.  He tolerated the rest of the storm quiet well, despite the thunder and lightning.  He finally went on to sleep.  As you can see, Mother was also terrified by the storm.

Buzzy was mentored in storm terror by Sissy, our dog who was two years older.  He wasn’t afraid as a small puppy, but Sissy showed him the ropes.  Sissy was well-trained by her predecessor, Bubba.  Bubba wasn’t afraid till he stayed with my sister while we were on vacation.  Lightning blasted her house and blew a lot of brick off.  The sound must have been horrendous!  He was terrified forever and made sure to pass it on.  Thanks, Buzzy.  Your legacy lives on.

All better.

15 thoughts on “Wedged in

  1. My parents owned a dachshund who used to pass out when there was a big storm. My mother didn’t help as she used to rush around slamming windows. He always came around with no apparent ill effects after the storm 🙂 — Suzanne


  2. My little dog is not quite that bad, but during thunder storms (we don’t get many) and fireworks she is glued to me. Every time firework displays are scheduled public warnings are given to make sure dogs are secured and safe.

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  3. We had a doggie, Daisy, who was freaked out by storms. She trembled, shook, and panted. Sometimes she would run out INTO the storm and dig like mad trying to get under the fence…I mean dig until her nails bled. She had been out on a chain during Hurricane Charley by the people who owned her before we did. So sad. We took her to the vet and the vet put her on Prozac. True that…the antidepressant for people relieves anxiety in dogs. 40 mg was too much, but 20 mgs worked just right. It storms here daily during summer, so we had many chances to test it out.

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