Ralphie Gets Tripped Up

imageDaddy got another phone call from Ralphie, the kid down the road.

“Mr. Bill?”

“Hey, Ralphie. What’s going on?”

“I wrote a poem at school and won a contest.” (On his last phone call, Ralphie had reported making all D’s and F’s and having the papers to prove it)

“Well, that’s great, Ralphie! I’m glad you’re doing better at school.”

“I won first at my school, then at district. But when they took it to state, the judge said it came out of World Book and they threw it out.”

“Well, why did they do that?

“Because it came out of World Book. Bye”

19 thoughts on “Ralphie Gets Tripped Up

  1. I have fond memories of World Book and Encyclopedia Britannia. I think I wore the set in our school library out. I don’t think anyone ever checked my writing either….but then I never went to state.


    • I loved World Book. I read it at school after I finished my work. N fact, I often got n trouble because I tore through my original so I could get to World Book. My teacher’sstayed on me about my sloppy work. I was a scatterbrain before kids had the option of ADD. wish I’d had that ADD option. Life wa hard on us scatter brains. I’d get my butt kicked when the teacher called home.

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