A Dog and his Squeaky Toy

 Our pack is growing, one hundred three pounds to be exact. I was concerned Croc would bully Buzzy, but  needn’t have worried.  This gentle behemoth is desperate to play, frequently play-bowing and politely presenting his large behind for Buzzy’s sniffing “Howdy do?”.  Though Buzzy is normally social and thrilled to have canine guests, he wasn’t sure he wanted  Croc moving in, reminding Croc of the pecking order at every turn.  He has yet to “shake hands” with Croc, though they are playing happily.  Buzzy still occasionally snarls to remind Croc he was here first.

Below, you can see Croc with his grandmother.  They are about the same weight, but he has a lot more muscle.  He can ‘t get enough of her.  With her high, Minnie Mouse voice, he thinks she’s a squeaky toy.  See how he has his leg draped possessively over her?


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