We never stop wanting our mothers. That is probably our first and last longing. When I cared for patients in times of pain and need, they often called out for their mother’s comfort. We want out mothers when we are giving birth, traumatized by pain or events, and at the moment of death. Many times I have held the hand of elderly patients whose mothers had to have been long dead and had the patient call me “Mother.” I never corrected them. Who am I to say it wasn’t their mother they saw as they moved on.

33 thoughts on “Mother?

  1. Absolutely. Before they’ve gone, most people in my family have seen their mothers. I definitely cry for my mommy when I’m badly hurt. My mother is love and comfort personified. ❤ And now I miss her — she's still with us, just 1000 miles away 😉

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  2. Weird, hun? No matter how old, or how “together” we are, our mothers for many of us are always are
    “home base”/comfort zone…..Mine’s still alive (thank God), but not doing well and I really hate living so far away….

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    • That would be hard. I’ve had to be away a lot the last couple of years and I worried about Mother. Bud filled in for me, but I know she missed me. He treats her just like a Mother. We are so lucky.

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