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I am reposting this writing this morning because it will soon be Mother’s Day and I want to celebrate again the Foster Moms, Adoptive Moms and all the Moms of the world today.

A few years ago, Mother’s Day found me temporarily raising my one year old granddaughter.  My friends and family were very quick to tell me what a wonderful person I was to take on this responsibility.  But aside from the very real physical hardship of raising a one year old (try getting up off the floor at 65), I really felt nothing but love and a kind of awe that I had been given this opportunity to mother another member of my family.  But as any Grandmother can attest, you fall in love with your grandchildren as easily as you fell in love with your own children.  So, really I was living a lie.  I wasn’t this…

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4 thoughts on “SUPERMOMS – FOSTER MOMS

  1. My kids just got a 5 day old Meth baby. They say she’s a cutie. my son does most of the caring for them, but they’ve fostered quite a few kids over the years. It’s always a mixed feeling to have to give them back. So far, they’ve adopted one and have two of their own. They are part of a program, that if the parent doesn’t rehabilitate, then they have the option to adopt.


      • I do too. Sometimes, it hurts to let them go. I don’t think I could do it and only once they took on a teen that had to go back when she threatened to throw herself out an upstairs window. More to get attention, but all the other children were under 5 and it was terrifying. They would like to have helped but couldn’t risk traumatizing the little ones, so she needed to be placed in a home with either older children or no children. They now only take age specific to the ones they already have or younger. It was a learning experience and it works out better now.

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