Four-Legged Hero is Honored – #WATWB

I love this story.

No Facilities

This is Memorial Day weekend in the States, a time when we stop to pay tribute to the brave men and women who gave their lives in service to our country. Memorial Day is not a day to honor veterans, but when thinking about the men and women who have fallen, it’s hard to ignore those who serve today.

As I was searching the news yesterday, I stumbled across a story about Sgt. Stubby, a service dog from World War One, whose interesting and unlikely military career began in New Haven, Connecticut. Sgt. Stubby is going to be honored this weekend:

“Pvt. J. Robert Conroy befriended the stray pup in New Haven as the 102nd Infantry Regiment trained on the Yale University campus in the summer of 1917. Conroy smuggled Stubby aboard a troop ship to France and hid him in the coal hold.

The war had been raging for…

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