Fishing Today

We are fishing today on my brother’s farm, the farm where I grew up.  It is pleasant, shady, and peaceful.  When I was a kid, only Sundays were restful.  If you didn’t grow up on a farm, you’d have no way of knowing all the work that goes into to making a farm look so idyllic.  In the center back the red-roofed barn is prominent.  A barn is a wonderland for children.  When we were little, the weather was never too bad to play for us to be out.  Rain and cold didn’t matter as we scurried to the barn in our coats or rain gear.  We were free to climb on the hay as long as we didn’t tear up the bales, our stairsteps to the rafters.  The cats and dogs were always happy to join us.  My younger sisters even set a bed up over the grain and had camp outs there.  I don’t know why we never thought of that.

My brother stocked this pond with catfish.  I caught one today that weighed six pounds.  It was a job to get him in.  I released him, so maybe I’ll have the pleasure of pulling him out another day.  I did keep a nice four pounder for Mother.  She  is a fish-eater, not a fan of catch and release.

25 thoughts on “Fishing Today

  1. FeatherToFloat says:

    Here in the U.K. I fish rivers. There is a craft that needs mastering, some never can in all their fishing careers. Being at the waters edge is beautiful place. In summer it’s very relaxing and come winter the water triggers your stalking mode as you hunt for bigger species. Great post you’ve written 👍

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  2. Awesome story! Fishing is an escape for me. It always has the ability to get my mind off of anything! I’m a fan of catch and release myself because I’m the only fish eater in my house.


  3. You are fishing!! I haven’t fished in about 12 years. That was when I was about to get married in Tenn. They have a cool duck pond in the middle of Knoxville. The wife fished for the first time. She almost caught something…twice!

    BTW is that the brother with the classic car? Pics?

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  4. Looks wonderful. My dad would be besties with your mum. Nothing got thrown back if he was fishing. My one and only encounter with a catfish was not a happy one. Put me off them for life. The barb got me on my hand. Seldom have I been in so much pain. I shoved my hand in cold water – no relief. My sister rang the Poisons Info Centre and got put through to Sydney as we were in the middle of nowhere on a weekend. Turns out you have to use water as hot as you can stand until it stops hurting. It was instant relief. Who woulda guessed! But you probably know that 🙂

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