Types of Nurses

Middle-Aged Musings: a Collection of Writings

Well, it’s a sad day indeed when I verbally acknowledge my own grumpiness and all of my coworkers agree! It’s a struggle to have patience… except with patients. With my patients, I give everything I have and am able to keep in mind that these are people who are loved by someone. They are fathers, mothers, sisters, friends, and sons and are dependent on us not only for medical care, but for preservation of dignity and independence. It is my goal to treat everyone like I treat my patients, but I fail…often…at least daily…sometimes hourly…
Thinking on this brought to mind the various types of nurses we have:
1. The Old Grouch: Sure, she has a lot of experience, but proceed with caution if you need to ask her anything. Approach only if her brow is unfurrowed.
2. Miss Sighs-A-Lot: She is productive and always busy. New tasks and assignments…

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5 thoughts on “Types of Nurses

  1. Thank you for sharing, Linda. You, nurses, are the best, and we all have our quirks but when the chips are down and you’re feeling like crap, a nurse can make you smile.

    Saved all your posts and am trying to catch up. I’m feeling better except for the fatigue. I had a PET scan done and the oncologist was very pleased with the results. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. ☺☺☺


  2. What a wonderful story. Having experience (you live long enough, you have experiences) in a hospital extended stay, I saw some of these nurses. I was impressed with the number of young ones entering the profession and how caring they were. It’s nit easy touching another person but the ‘human touch’ was such a satisfying feeling and these nurses did it with the utmost professionalism and dignity. Wonderful story.

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