14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I LOVE everything about this photo! The expressions on the children’s faces, the way the breeze moved the second child’s hair, the hay and the old wheelbarrow that must’ve traveled miles in its day, the way the clothes on one line are being blown by the wind and the ones on the other are perfectly still, the saddle oxford and the plaid pants,the buildings in the background. It brings back cherished memories of spending Thanksgivings at Grandpa’s farm with my cousins.

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    • You’d probably enjoy more of the back story. Mother and the mother of these little girls both had an infant in arms when this was made. Christine, mother’s friend was already pregnant again and had a fourth girl, giving her four in four years. Christine was hilarious. I loved it when she came to visit. Her youngest always toddled over and opened the oven door, looking for a cold biscuit. Those six girls were friends all through childhood.

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    • The little girl in back is my second youngest sister. There is another seventeen months younger. Did you notice the wash on the line? Mother had laundry on those lines every sunny day. On wet days, it hung on lines on the screened in back porch.


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