New Phone

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Mother and a friend are bouncing around on a tour bus somewhere up in Maine.  I am so glad she went now before she got old.  She is only ninety.  I think the part she has liked the most so far, is that she and her friend share a lunch every day.  Mother doesn’t eat much and loves saving money.  They visited a farm yesterday, kind of interesting since she spent her first fifty-four years on a farm and couldn’t wait to get away. Anyway, I kept getting calls from Mother wanting the other kids’ numbers, numbers that hadn’t changed in years. Was her mind going? Had she had a stroke? I was worried, but didn’t want to distress her.

My sister unraveled the mystery for me. Just before leaving, Mother got a new phone and forgot to have someone programmed her numbers. There’s no way she’d do that for herself. She hates technology.


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