John and Mary had been married ten years and had no children.  As a last resort, they called at their minister’s home one evening.

“We’ve been praying for a baby for so long.  We thought perhaps if we were anointed with oil, God might send us a child,” they told the minister.

“Well, it might work,” answered the minister, “but I left my anointing oil at the church.  I’ll just bless this Three in One Oil.  It should work as well.”

Nine months later, he stopped in to visit the couple, hearing the wife was at the hospital, delivering her baby.  “Congratulations, John.  I see the Lord has blessed you.”

“Yes,” said John. “Mary just had triplets.  That Three in One Oil worked just fine.  I am glad you didn’t use WD-40.”

Note: This photo is of unknown triplets in a family album.  I wish it had been labeled.

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