The Milk’s Gone Bad

“The milk’s gone bad!  I put it back in the refrigerator.  You’d better check it before you drink it.”

”Why didn’t you pour it out?  I’m not going to drink bad milk!”

”Well, just check it.  I could be wrong.  It just smelled bad whe I tried to drink it.  I thought you might use it for cooking.”

”You can tell as well as I can if milk is bad. I don’t want to cook with it.  Just”…..bang.  Bud went on out the back door without getting rid of the milk.

The next day he came through with another freshness update.  “An apple in the fruit bowl is bad.?”

”Did you throw it out?”

”No, I thought you might cook something with it.”

”I never cook with bad milk and rotten apples.  I don’t cook maggots or flies either.  Throw it out!”

”I don’t have time.  I have stuff to do in the shop.”  He rooked the dogs and walked right by the rotten apple and the trash.  Does anybody have a recipe that calls for bad milk and a rotten apple?  I need to cook something special.

37 thoughts on “The Milk’s Gone Bad

  1. And… you didn’t just throw it out because it’s the principle of the thing. Doggone it, if he spots it for Pete’s sake why not just throw the dadburn thing out? My hubby will throw it out and put the empty carton back in the fridge. All things end up in the sink when one more step would get them in the dishwasher and out of the way. My ex mother in law used to call it M.A.N.

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