Not My Grocery Store

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I wish I could find this grocery store.  I hate self-check out, particularly when I have produce.  I don’t want to key in codes or weigh apples.  I don’t want to bag my own.  Recently, the checker in the only full-service lane closed as I approached, leaving two express lanes free.  Of course, self-check was wide open. I wheeled right in, remarking there was no full-service check line open.  She suggested self- check or waiting for a full-service lane.

I told her, “I’m not doing that.”  The supervisor walked over and I voiced my complaint.

She explained express lane was not set up for full-service.  I explained that I had no intention of using self-check.  They did check me out.  I have a real problem with stores expecting shoppers cutting labor costs and expecting me to assume responsibility.



39 thoughts on “Not My Grocery Store

  1. I’m right there with you!
    It bothers me when there is a store employee standing beside those awful self checkout guiding customers toward them…
    Him/her: “The self-check is open. Would you like to use it?”
    Me: “No, thank you.”
    Him/her: “It’s quick and easy!”
    Me: “Nope. I’ll wait.” (and saying inside my head ‘It will be neither quick nor easy. Or even painless!’)
    The three times I’ve given it a try have been disastrous. I’ve followed the instructions, scanning the codes, and inevitably half-way through each of those three times have gotten the attention grabbing BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Please scan the item again. Please scan the item again. Please scan the item again. After the computer became fed up with my trying, the beeps turned into BONK! BONK! BONK! Which set off two managers running like track stars to my register and ending up scanning all my groceries themselves, while I;m thinking “if only y’all had done this in the first place…”


  2. See, I think if they would cut the costs of the products sold there then that’s different. I just hate it if the prices go up and you can tell that they save money on things like checkout… I actually prefer now to pack my own bags as most of the checkout clerks do a shocking job (think eggs on the bottom with all heavy items on top and stuff like that). So rather than coming home and having vegetables or fruits squashed or eggs broken because they were not put into the bags properly, I do it myself. Having said that: I grew up in a country where you always packed your groceries so it’s probably easier for me to go with that flow again.

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  3. It’s the way of supermarket progress I’m afraid. Gone are the 10 items or less lanes, now it’s self checkout and when you have someone with a fully laden trolley it doesn’t quite seem fair on the rest of us with only three or four items. The selfies don’t like me either. There will always be something that won;t take or register, but the open cashier lanes are few. I was however glad of a selfie when I went into a different branch of a familiar store. Queues were down the aisles on the cashier lanes, and all I wanted was just one thing…………. a 22p bread roll! In and out on the self checkout in less than 30 seconds as I even had the right money!

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