Update on Mother


I have been AWOL for a while due to some family situations, so I have some updating to do.  First of all, I’ve always posted a lot about Mother.  She is fine at ninety-two.  We avoid getting out because of corona virus, so it was a treat to go blueberry picking a few days ago. We only saw a couple of other pickers far afield, as happy to avoid contact as we were.

The sky was a pure, crystal blue and mountainous, cottony white-clouds transformed above us.  Had I been nimble as a five-year-old, I would have stretched out in the grass watching clouds change from horses to gnomes, to a covered wagons. Six decades certainly interferes with the pleasure of prolonged cloud performance.  A slight breeze brought welcome comfort in the Louisiana heat as we lounged with lemonade at a picnic table shaded by a giant oak.

I do believe this cloud was working up to the Pillsbury Dough Boy.



Mother still works in her yard almost every day.  She  comes from long-lived stock.  Her grandfather lived to ninety-six, before succumbing to stubbornness.  He might still be with us otherwise. He had a numb leg from a Civil War injury. An iron bedstead did him in when he hung a toe on his iron bedstead heading outdoors to the toilet, tripping  and cracking his head..  A brain bleed did him in four days later.

33 thoughts on “Update on Mother

  1. Linda, nice to see a family update. Keep your Mom smiling. Good to know she still has a passion for gardening. I’m 81 and stay home most days writing—finishing a historical fiction book and keeping up the blog. Only go out for groceries or a maintenance health appointment.

    I think I remember you are a retired nurse. I’m a retired NP. Worked in psychiatry inpatient and outpatient. The changes in healthcare practice are a new normal for years to come. Take care & stay safe. 📚🎶 Christine

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting. My husband and I are both ultra careful. It mystifies me that people don’t take concerns seriously. I wouldn’t dream of socializing, eating out, or traveling. I am mindful of the casual chain of infection of the great “unmasked and unbelieving.” We only go our for essentials. Take care.

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