Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree…..



Bud picked up the hobby of Smithing about the time he retired. Being a frugal sort, he has cobbled his forge out of scraps and junk.  The only part he bought was an old blower he picked up for fifty dollars at a flea market.  Previous to that acquisition, he used my old hairdryer. He talked his brother-in-law out of a cart from his trash heap.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  The wheels were scavenged from a broken fertilizer spreader, the fire pan from a discarded barbecue pit. He uses old barbecue tongs to move coal around.  The long-handled dipper started life as a bean can and is wrapped with soft steel wire.  With a couple of holes in the bottom, he can either sprinkle or pour water.  Another brother-in-law gave him a broken vise which he repaired, using junk, and mounted on the cart.  He has made many useful and decorative items, including kitchen knives and an umbrella stand to hang six baskets of flowers.  He’s also made many punches and chisels.



Left: Blade is made of high carbon steel.  He was making this one for himself, but I claimed it.

Right: Blade is made of an old file.  This is the first one he made and has been used heavily.

Both are wickedly sharp.  These can not go in dishwasher.  They are my favorite knives.  I always reach for them first.

Before I throw anything out, I have to leave it for Bud’s inspection.  He has snagged an electric kettle , an old electric iron, and and old rotisserie.  He used the rotisserie motor and gears to build a device to rotate items at 6 rpms a minute to keep epoxy from pooling and dripping as it dries.  It comes in handy for making flies.



15 thoughts on “Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree…..

  1. I wish you and Bud lived closer! He shares much with my father who also saw potential in everything everyone else discarded. It was heartbreaking emptying his garage/workshop when he died – I felt SO guilty getting rid of jars of rusty screws. But most of it went for scrap metal so will have been recycled. I could provide Bud with plenty of “toys” for his playhouse!

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    • Boy, would he love that! His shop is a haven. When he has guests, they head for the shop. He has a fridge, coffee pot, and chairs out there. In nice weather we have coffee in the shop. It’s great to hand off something broken and have it returned working well a bit later. Amazingly, it is also neat and organized. I have a big freezer out there. It’s great to send him out to shop and have him bring back just what I need. I shop markdowns and keep two freezers full. One year we took a big hit on taxes and we went three months without having to buy groceries. I also can, so we have that source too. We love being as self-sufficient as possible. Many times I have raided my pantry and freezer to help people. So glad to be able to help.

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