The guide dog led his blind master directly through a green light out into the traffic of a busy intersection.  Horns honked.  Cars crashed into each other all around him.  A good Samaritan ran out into traffic and snatched him to safety.  The blind gentleman reached into his pocket for a treat.  “Good boy.  Good boy.  Here’s a treat!”  He patted the air, feeling for his dog’s head.

“Are you crazy?  He nearly got you killed?  Why in the world are you giving him a reward?” asked the good Samaritan.

“I’m not.” said the blind man.  “When I find out which end his head is on, I’m going to kick his butt!”

3 thoughts on “Joke!

  1. Another joke. The guy and his seeing-eye dog were at the curb waiting for the light to turn green. All of a sudden the dog dragged his master out in front of a taxi. The taxi driver laid on brakes and then the horn and the frightened dog and master froze in the street. The taxi driver continued to lay on the horn. His passenger asked, “Do you have to do that. Can’t you see the guy is blind?” “Yeah, I see that,” the driver answered, “But the dog should know better.”


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