Croc and the Doc

Croc had to go back to vet to have his ears checked again.He’d obviously enjoyed his last visit more than I realized.  He’s normally reluctant to go in, but this time he pushed his way  into the office and greeted the young ladies in reception..  IHe keeps forgetting he’s been neutered.  His hormones go wild when he meets women.  Fortunately, there was no waiting.  When the vet tech opened the door to the exam room, he bolted past her, dragging me straight back and sat on the scale, all on his own.  That’s the first time he’s ever cooperated with weighing.  Incidentally, he’s lost six ounces since last week.  Maybe that’s what he wanted to show off.

Back in the exam room, he behaved perfectly when the vet checked his ears.  He LOVES having his  ears cleaned.  I believe he thinks he and vet have a significant relationship, now. This past week, every time I sat down, he’d rush over and rub his ears on me.  I do believe he’s addicted.  Buzzy thought it looked so good, he demanded equal ear time, just not the medicine.  We were out in record time and on the way to Sonic for his ice cream cone reward.  He started barking for it as soon as we got in the car.  He ate his cone in two gulps.

The instant we got home, he made sure Buzzy smelled his breath.  I haven’t had the heart to tell him I only have to wash his ears once a week now.

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