Paint Job

A woman calls a Contractor to her house to give her a bid on painting the interior of her house. She takes him into the first room and tells him that she wants it painted pale green. The contractor writes something down on his notepad, goes over to the window and yells down “green side up”. The homeowner takes him into the next room and tells him that she would like it painted rose colored. The contractor again notes it on his note pad, goes over to the window and opens it. He then yells down “green side up”. The woman was curious, but continued to show him the rest of the house. In each room the contractor notes her color choice on his notepad and yells out the window “green side up”. When the homeowner had completed the tour, she asked the contractor why he always yelled “green side up” when she told him her color choice, when the colors were all different. He laughed and replied I have a crew of blondes across the street laying sod.


8 thoughts on “Paint Job

  1. Interesting… but have you seen the commercial where a group of people are running from some monster or threat and someone says lets run into the garage with all these various instruments of torture hanging from the ceiling and the only blonde, says “why don’t we just jump into the running car?” Yay ! a smart blonde.

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