A Hog a Day Part 9

Daddy took pride in being strict.  “Spare the rod and spoil the child.”  He was certainly never accused of spoiling the child.  Many times I heard him say there wasn’t a kid or an animal he couldn’t conquer.  During his hog-hunting days he acquired a hog-dog he was incredibly proud of.  Sutter was a black lab/Catahoula Cur mix.  When sicced on a herd of hogs, Sutter plunged in and fearlessly latched onto the hog’s ear not to be dislodged until the hunter dispatched the hog.  The poor hog couldn’t slash Sutter as long as he hung on to the ear.  The dog was in the greatest danger of being bitten as he rushed the hog.   Hog-hunting was dangerous for men and dogs.  I’ve seen Daddy stitch his cut dogs a few times.  He  required stitches a time or two, but splurged on a doctor for himself.

Sutter worked cows with Daddy. One day, he chased a calf and pinned it to the ground where he held it by a mangled ear.  Expecting a kill, he wouldn’t release it.  Daddy pulled him off the calf, tied him off to a small sapling, and pulled off his belt to strap to him.  He got a couple of licks in before Sutter changed his belief system.  The enlarged dog ran Daddy up the sapling where he clung just out of the dog’s reach.   At six-foot three and two hundred forty pounds, Daddy was imposing on the tree.  It dipped from one side to the other as Daddy bounced side-to-side just beyond the snarling dog’s jaws.  I wondered if somebody would have to shoot Daddy if Sutter latched onto his ear. After a few minutes, Sutter’s temper cooled and he wagged his tail when Daddy spoke to him.  Daddy climbed down when Sutter seemed to have forgiven him.

Sitter was a very valuable dog.  Instead of shooting him as I expected, Daddy took the reasonable attitude that he’d handled things badly.  He and Sutter worked it out and the dog concentrated on hogs from that time forward.

Maybe I should have run Daddy up a tree.


Dear Auntie Linda, August 19, 2015

Auntie Linda

Dear Auntie Linda, My neighbors have gone Down Shore for the summer.  We have been helping ourselves to their tomatoes and berries since they were going to waste anyway, but their pool is starting to look mighty tempting.  I don’t believe they have an alarm system set since I’ve tossed a ball over there a couple of times and retrieved it with no problems.  I’m thinking of slipping over for a little dip after midnight.  What could it hurt?  Hot and Bothered

Dear Hot,   It sounds like a plan!  Invite friends!  Bring Alcohol!  Make sure you do it on a stormy night. Maybe lightning will strike and enquiring minds will see these headlines in a supermarket rag.  “Bunch of Bloated Bodies Found Bobbing in ‘Burbin Boil.  Aliens Feared!”  Auntie Linda

Dear Auntie Linda, My friends and I are divided over this.  We enjoy meeting at a local watering hole, but some of us like our drinks a bit stronger than the bartender mixes.  We’ve let management know.  Otherwise, it a nice place to meet.  We love the musicians, the ambiance, and it’s centrally located for everyone.  We don’t want to move.  Would it be wrong to discretely bring a little flask to top off weak drinks?  Love Bar, Not Bartender

Dear Love,  This will probably get me shot, but I’ve never hesitated to salt my food. If I had to get a packet of salt out of my purse, I would certainly do it.  That being said, I am quite sure there is a regulation against bringing in a bottle, so I would NEVER encourage lawbreaking. Be sure to tip well!  Auntie Linda