Bad, Bad Monday

I think my youngest sister once had the worst Monday ever.  She’d spent the night with me.  When she was getting ready to go to work, she realized she’d forgotten her slip and absolutely had to have one since her dress was sheer.  I dug mine out and we pinned it up for her.  I made her a nice lunch.  As she went out the front door in the rain, she realized she’d left her lunch behind.  She whirled to come back in, tearing her stockings on the screen.  After, I found her another pair, she grabbed her lunch and headed out again, late by now, hanging her heel on the threshold, breaking it off.  Of course, she fell down the steps, hitting her head, skinning her knees, tearing her dress, and destroying a second pair of stockings.  She just came back in crying, called in to work, and spent the rest of the day in bed nursing a headache.