Doing What Needs to Be Done

Kate and John
Our plan was uncomplicated plan as we bumbled through raising our children, trying to give them a safe place to grow, the necessities, and a few of the things they wanted, hoping they’d become strong, independent, contributing adults. Because we both struggled to get through college on our own, we wanted to make that path easier. There were no gender-specific expectations. Both learned to cook, clean, sew on a button, mow, and fix a flat.
Nowadays, I am often surprised to hear themtelling the things they are grateful for. My daughter says she’s never been intimidated by men, freely speaking her mind, and doing what needs to be done at home and professionally. My son is a kind, sensitive man who treats his wife like a queen, putting her needs on an equal par with his. Both work hard to do the right thing.
The only thing I’d do differently if I were raising kids today, is place less importance on college, putting a road block in the path of those who’d prefer a technical, or blue-collar job. So many get out of college with a mountain of debt today, when they’d have already been several years into a career as a hairdresser, electrician, plumber, woodworker, or some other honorable job. We need to support children who are showing interest in a trade or skilled job instead of directing the masses toward college and debt.