Who Profits from Child Abuse?

Re logged from Artby Robert Goldstein. We must speak for children

Art by Rob Goldstein

Flyers san Francisco
Anger is a powerful and potentially cleansing emotion.

Or it can make one feel so sick with self loathing that it expresses itself in para-suicidal behaviors.

Anger wants to know why it’s there…

Nothing in the present justifies this degree of anger.

And the truth remains too horrible to fully contemplate.

So the anger scrutinizes Second Life or Flickr, or my partner, or former co-workers, or some emotionally numb accountant that crunches numbers at an HMO for a living and who has already lost his soul to fear.

None of the above is toxic enough to incite the enraged sense of injustice that lodges in my heart as an adult survivor of childhood rape.

The rape of a child is a moral offense so grave that it corrupts everyone involved, including the child, who must distort his perceptions of reality to accommodate the attempted homicide of his soul.


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