Christmas Joy

Pic Pic revisedThis Christmas our family decided not to buy gifts to exchange.  Instead, we were each to bring a treasured item to pass on or make a gift for exchange. No money was to be spent.   It was the start of a lovely tradition.  My sister Connie, her husband, and son made lovely gifts for everyone.  They framed each of us a copy of the only remaining picture of the five of us children using reclaimed wood from the house where we grew up.  It is beautiful.   Phyllis, the oldest child, brought the family Bible, which she’d had for several years, and passed it on to another sister.  My husband, Bud, made a wonderful knife out of an old file.  Mother passed on a bread platej my dad won at his job many years ago and serving spoons given to her by her father when she married, to my nephew and his fiancée.  I brought some vintage blue Continue reading


Stolen Fruitcake: Weird but True!

My grandma died December 16, 1964.  I was devastated.  She was always accepting of me and seemed not to notice my faults.  She had mailed her Christmas gifts to us the morning of the evening of her death.  The box arrived two or three days after her funeral.  It was a macabre feeling, being anxious to find out what she’d sent, knowing she was in Continue reading

Can you help me out? (Joke)

One Christmas Eve a panhandler approached a man passing on the street.  “Excuse me, sir.  Can you give me enough money for a meal?”

“If I give you twenty dollars, will you spend it on alcohol?”

“Oh no.  I used to drink, but I gave it up years ago!”

“Well, would you spend it on guns and hunting equipment? ”

“No!  I’ve never been hunting in my life.”

“What about fishing?  Would you blow this money on fishing?”

“No!  I’ve never cared a thing about fishing, either.”

He handed the panhandler the twenty, then said, “Okay, come on home with me.  I’m going feed you a fine meal, get you a bath and some clean clothes and put you up for a few days.  My wife needs to see what happens to a man who doesn’t drink, hunt, or fish!”

Christmas Spirit (Joke)

The benevolence committee was collecting for Christmas and approached the richest man in town.  “Can we count on you for a contribution for this year’s Christmas campaign?”

He headed them off, “You probably don’t know my mother is in a nursing home, totally penniless, dependent on handouts for all except necessities, do you?  My brother and his wife both have catastrophic illnesses and neither has worked in over a year.  That’s not all, my sister’s husband ran off and left her with six kids.  Her house burned and she has no where to go.  If someone doesn’t do something for them, they will be on the street.  Now if I’m not going to help any of them, what makes you think I’m going to help you?”