Not My Grocery Store

Image courtesy of Pixabay

I wish I could find this grocery store.  I hate self-check out, particularly when I have produce.  I don’t want to key in codes or weigh apples.  I don’t want to bag my own.  Recently, the checker in the only full-service lane closed as I approached, leaving two express lanes free.  Of course, self-check was wide open. I wheeled right in, remarking there was no full-service check line open.  She suggested self- check or waiting for a full-service lane.

I told her, “I’m not doing that.”  The supervisor walked over and I voiced my complaint.

She explained express lane was not set up for full-service.  I explained that I had no intention of using self-check.  They did check me out.  I have a real problem with stores expecting shoppers cutting labor costs and expecting me to assume responsibility.