imageI am an early riser, not by choice.  Thirty years of getting up at four-thirty as a nurse has reset my internal clock so Most often, I still wake the roosters.  I’d be happy to roll over and doze a while, but once my eyelids flap up like cheap window shades, sleep has fled.

On a recent visit to relatives, I found myself watching an autumn sunrise as I dawdled over a cup of coffee.  No one else moved.  As light peeked through the trees, one cup of coffee stretched to two and I heard the first of the birds getting about making their living.  I happened to notice my reflection in the window and took a photo to capture the quiet

moment.  Just as the sun broke through the trees, I heard gunfire from the woods behind the house.  The peace of the morning shattered for me and the deer.  I hope that one got away to enjoy the peace another fall morning.