Seeking Captain America

Image taken from Marvel site.

I never wanted anything as much as I wanted Captain America.  Bud and I spent a few days with my daughter’s family after Christmas.  Leda, our little granddaughter most-prized gift was a Captain America action figure, that is until the damnable shield was lost.  We searched the house futilely to accompaniment of toddler wails.  It’s amazing how previously-reasonable grandparents can be moved by the distraught cries of a heartbroken little girl.  Soon, we were scurrying out in search of a replacement, something we would never have done with our children.  The way I figure it, she has plenty of time to learn life-lessons after we leave.

It was late. Our first stop was the Walgreen’s where we’d found the original.  I had little hope of finding a replacement. After all, I was pretty sure we’d gotten the last one.  Naturally, that shelf was depleted.  In a panic, we combed all the toy shelves.  Miraculously, Bud found one lone Captain America visiting the Peppa the Pig  display.  He was the true super-hero that day.

Thank you, Walgreen!