He Ain’t So Dumb

Joe took his monkey into a bar.  Not surprisingly, it went wild, jumping behind the bar, grabbing the snacks, before finally jumping to the pool table, and interrupting the game by swallowing the pool ball.

The bartender imagewas furious.  “Man, control your animal!”

“So sorry, I’ll pay all the damages!”  With this, he grabbed his monkey, paid the damages, and left.

Unbelievably, in less than two weeks he was back again and turned the monkey loose, just like before.  Again, it went wild, tearing the place apart, snacks all over the place, glasswear smashed.  The monkey broke a jar of maraschino cherries, popped one up his butt, then pulled it out and ate it.

“Man are you crazy bringing that idiotic monkey back in here?  Didn’t you learn anything at all last time?”  yelled the barman.

“Take it easy!” said Joe.  “We’ve been working on this. He ain’t so dumb.  He still goes wild and tears up the place and eats whatever he wants, but now he measures it first.”