Travels With Mother (Part 2)

Mothers BDayMother and I spent a few days in Haddonfield, New Jersey, visiting with friends and relatives on the occasion on her eighty-second birthday. Haddonfield is a wonderful place to visit.  Everything is in walking distance.  We walked miles seeing all the sights, restaurants, and shops. We took the opportunity to attend a meeting at the Friends Meeting on Sunday.  I thought Mother understood how meetings worked.  We filed in and took our places in the lovely old meeting house.  Mother leaned over to whisper something as soon as we were seated.  I gestured there was no talking, so Mother, a staunch Southern Baptist, sat waiting for the services to start. Worshipers sat quietly meditating as Mother looked increasingly puzzled.  Finally, she let me know she was ready to leave after about twenty minutes.  She had a little difficulty understanding no talking in church.  That twenty minutes was the longest I’ve ever known her to go without talking. 

After the service, we took a peaceful stroll through a beautiful cemetery.  Cemeteries can be so lovely, a place to reflect and spend a little time in meditation.  The more we walked, the more Mother admired it.  This one looked so good, she decided she might like to be buried there.  She stretched out to see if it felt as enticing as it looked.  I offered to check on immediate availability, but she decided she’d like to finish out the trip, but she is still considering.

Mother checking out realestateindian dress and hen

Above see Mother’s original art and link to story she told little girl at tea party.

One afternoon, we walked down to a little tea-room for tea.  A grandmother had taken her precious little four-year-old granddaughter there for birthday tea.  Mother, the little miss, and her grandmother got into such an animated conversation, we ended up being invited to join them.  Mother told the little girl a story from her own childhood and ending up buying the little one a special teacup.  We all had a lovely time.  We strolled home late in the afternoon full of the unexpected pleasures of the day.

When we got ready to go through security at the airport on the way home, I was chosen for expedited board and told to skip the security line.  I explained to the attendant I was traveling with my eighty-two year old mother and couldn’t leave her unattended.  Hearing that, Mother immediately switched into her daft mode.  “Where are we going?  I’m hungry.  Where’s my kitty-cat?”  Fearing a lengthy exchange with an Alzheimer’s sufferer, the attendant waved both of us on through.  All the while, Mother was pulling on my sleeve wanting to know when she could eat and demanding her cat.  (She doesn’t have one.) Her ruse worked, but I don’t know if it was worth it since she kept it up for a while since she was having such a good time with it.

I had requested a wheelchair meet us at the gate to get Mother through the airport quickly, not because she’s disabled, except for her extremely short legs.  The wheelchair attendant whisked her through in record time.  When we got to the gate, Mother gave her a dollar and a heartfelt thank you.  I slipped her a five behind Mother’s back.  She’d earned it!

video on YouTube. and paste into your browser. There are a few videos there.

To be continued……..