A Narcissist’s Enablers are Guilty

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Art by Rob Goldstein

A Narcissist and Her Flying MonkeysI’ve seen narcissistic enablers referred to as ‘Flying Monkeys”.

A Narcissist’s Enablers are also Guilty

I just found this post.

It is the first post on the topic of Narcissism that takes up the problem of enablers who  do nothing to stop the abuse or who actively participate in the abuse.

I call it the “Well, he’s always nice to me,” syndrome.

Narcissists are consummate and skillful liars.

By spreading false stories about their target, they are able to win people to their camp.

One characteristic of this personality disorder is apparent lack of conscience or remorse.

Narcissists also have a difficult time with accountability.

If they are confronted about their behavior. they will generally fly into a rage.

There’d be no such thing as narcissistic abuse if it weren’t for the enablers.

These are the folks who sit on the sidelines and watch someone else being whipped.

They could…

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