Picky, Picky, Picky

imageAbout ten years after I got out of high-school, I got a call from an old friend I. Hadn’t seen since we graduated.  We had a lot to catch up on.  She had married her sister’s discarded boyfriend.  Sally wasn’t the sharpest girl around.  A couple of years after they got married, he was arrested for exposing himself to some kids on a playground.  Sally was waiting for him when he got out of jail.  She was sure the kids had lied on him.  After all that waiting, he left her for another man.  Sally thought maybe it was because she got fat while he was in jail.  She kept hoping he’d come back, but he died.

A year or two later, she met a guy at a bar.  They had a one-night stand.  A few months later, Sally went to help her Daddy cut corn.  She got dehydrated and passed out.  Three days later, she woke up in the hospital and found out she’d had a baby.  She hadn’t even known she was pregnant.

After that, she met a guy who was just crazy about her.  He worked on a road crew for the state.  She was kind of thinking about marrying him, but he his feet smelled so bad, she just didn’t know if she could stand him.  What did I think she ought to do?  I thought it might work if they slept with the windows open.