Croc and the Great Chair Monster


This poor dog suffered a terrifying experience today.  While I was watering my strawberries, I fastened his leash to a patio chair.  Bud drove up and my other dog,  Buzzy , sounded the alarm.  Croc forgot he was tethered and took off to greet Bud, dragging the heavy metal patio chair shrieking like a banshee on the concrete behind him.   Panicked, he fled, bashing a few flower pots as the chair monster pursued him, screaming its rage.  It remained in hot pursuit all the way down the drive where it attacked the travel trailer and Jeep in its fury, while never loosening its grip on Croc.  The beast clung to him, trying to hang him up on my berry fence.  Finally, Bud and Buzzy caught up with him, but not until he made a pass through my rose garden, uprooting a couple unfortunate bushes before hanging up on a garden bench  He was panting and trembling before Bud finally wrested him from the grip of the chair monster.  Naturally, Buzzy was barking wildly the whole time, sure that would save his friend.  He drank a whole bowl of water and slept for three hours straight once he got back under air conditioning.


Bud is going to try to fix the chair tomorrow.  The flower pots were a total loss.  I don’t think the Jeep or travel trailer were damaged at all.  I’d hate to have to explain that damage to an insurance adjuster.