Ghastly Wound


My elderly mother had her foot on a stool the other evening when I noticed what appeared to be a ghastly wound.  I flew over to inspect it when she started laughing.  She had laid an elastic strip across the insole of the shoe and colored it with shoe polish, which later rubbed off on her foot, creating the wound impression.  Before you feel sorry for her, you should know she probably has twenty pairs of shoes, most in boxes.



Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

feetMichael and Jennifer went together all through high school.  She thought she knew him well, but after they’d been married a few months and bought their first house, he declared one room off-limits.  Jennifer wasn’t to go in there under any circumstances.  Naturally, the first day she was home alone, she managed to get in. Prepared to find a room full of porn, she was surprised to find pictures of feet posted over all the walls. Continue reading