It couldn’t Be Helped Part 7

I don’t know why Mother comes home and tells these stories on herself.  She wasn’t arrested or shunned by her congregation.  Despite the impression the title of this post makes, Mother is very faithful to her faith, tithing, attending services weekly, and supportive of her church.  She normally writes a monthly check for her tithe, but one Sunday decided give an extra cash gift.  This was a fine idea, except that she only had twenties and wanted to give fifty dollars, not sixty.  Well, the obvious solution to her was to put three twenties in the offering plate and take out a ten.  For most people, this would have worked out fine, but Mother has been known to bumble, especially when she is concentrating hard.  When the plate was passed, she put in her three twenties and lifted a ten and a twenty.  She felt vaguely uneasy passing the plate on.

It was on her mind through the rest of the service, getting little out of the service, except a vague feeling of guilt when the pastor chose the text of “the widow’s mite.”  As soon as she got home, she counted her cash, realizing she’d committed a theft from God.  She wasn’t struck down by lightning when she waited until the following to return that twenty.

Anxious not to repeat that error.  She decided it would be best to purchase a money order to put in the offering plate.  Mother is notoriously tight with her money.  Hearing that “Mr. Thrifty,” the local liquor store had the cheapest money orders, she scurried in to purchase one.  Unfortunately, she locked her keys in the car.  There was no way to hide this fiasco.  She had to call me to bring her the extra key.  Naturally, I made the most of this ridiculous situation, since she CLAIMS to be a teetotaler.

The story didn’t end there.  As she put her money order in the offering plate the next Sunday morning, she noticed a big “Mr. Thrifty” logo emblazoned prominently on the bottom.  Baptists normally  have the grace not to advertise their visits to liquor stores so boldly.

My sister’s son is a minister.  Upon learning that he has accepted the pastorate of their home church, Connie remarked, “Now Mother has to start coming here.  Oh no, forget that.  He doesn’t need Mother stealing from the offering plate and losing her bra at our church.”

More on losing her bra at church later.  (to be continued)

It Couldn’t Be Helped Part 6

We went to visit an exotic animal park several years ago.  Unfortunately, it was a low budget operation that encouraged visitors to purchase packets of munchies that enticed the hungry critters to follow vehicles around hoping for a handout. I suspect that may have been a major portion of their diet.  They accepted gifts of dead large animals, providing  pick up if you called before the beast got cold.

Mother was delighted by the apparent “friendliness” of one particularly aggressive large camel who had taken a liking to her. He trotted along beside her as she tossed out the feeding pellets.  After she ran out of pellets, he continued running along side the automobile trying to put his head in the window to nudge for more.  Becoming concerned about the invasion, she pressed the button to raise the window.  As the driver sped up, the camel trotted faster.  Mother was impressed remarking, “Look at that stupid camel.  He’s determined to keep up with this car!”  The race continued along with Mother’s amusement.  “He’s still coming.  Just look how fast he’s moving!”

Indeed he was!  Mother had trapped his upper lip in the closed car window!  My brother-in-law stopped so she could lower her window, freeing her new friend.  The camel dropped her from his social circle and loped off in the opposite direction, taking care not to stumble over his drooping upper lip.   link to YouTube link

Goofy in the Airport

imageMother accompanied me to visit a relative a few months ago.  It was a route I flew often enough to get expedited security.  I explained to security I did not want to be separated from my elderly mother.  They saw her in her wheelchair, which she always requests for convenience.  She immediately put on her goofiest look, which is quite convincing.  Starting her Alzheimer’s act, she started firing questions at me and security.  They rushed her through.  Frankly, I considered abandoning her, she was making such a pest of herself.  I was glad when we got out of security and she got back to her normal goofy self.