Hounds on a Picnic

imageMother had been frying chicken and making potato salad all morning in preparation for our picnic with Christine who was high-spirited and laughed all the time, making any occasion a party.  She left her chocolate cake and deviled eggs in an open box on the back seat of her car when she parked in our drive. We made several trips loading the goodies.  Christine got the car packed to her satisfaction, then decided to run her little girls back in for one last bathroom stop. Forgetting we had dogs, she left the back car door standing open, a fatal mistake.

Ecstatically, five or six hounds bounded into the backseat, snarling and falling on the the chocolate cake and fried chicken laid out so enticingly for their benefit.  Hearing the dogfight in progress, we all flew out of the house to see chocolate-covered dogs fighting tooth and nail for the remains of the feast.  Christine beat us all to the car, cursing and flogging dogs, thinking there might be something left to rescue.  Reluctant as they were, faced with a kicking, cursing wild-woman, the dogs grabbed whatever was in reach and ran for their lives.

The car was coated in chocolate and deviled egg-filling, littered with chicken scraps, and a monumental pile of dog-poop one of the dogs left as a thank you.  Mother came out to find Christine kicking at a dog hoping slip in for seconds.  She collapsed into gales of laughter at Christine’s enraged antics.  Fortunately, Christine saw the humor in the situation, too.  We cleaned up the car, went by the hamburger joint for burgers, and went on our picnic.  It was more fun than I’d even hoped.