Awaiting the Storm

As I sit on my patio, I await the approaching storm.  Everything I can control is in readiness with food cooked, water at hand, coffee in the thermos, flashlights with fresh batteries within reach, and phones charged.  I’ve talked to my family.  The children live hours south where the storm has already passed.  I thank God for that.

As I wait for the storm on the patio, I enjoy the unseasonable seventy-nine degrees, even knowing what it means.  Rain is is not yet blowing sideways, but it soon will be.  I recognized an ominous cracking sound, reminding me of branches that will be coming down.  Mother is with me .She always shelters with us during storms.  Somethings never change.  Even though Mother is ninety-two and frail, I am completely comforted that she is here to protect me.

The lights are flickering.  A large branch Just crashed to the ground.  I was about to Rush out to get a picture when I caught myself.  Maybe I’ll get photos after the storm.

Charity Begins at Home

It is a bad idea for me to carry cash.  If someone comes by raising money to treat nail fungus in chimeric tigers in Bangladesh, I’m in.  Someone near and dear to me balances me out very well.  When I was recently gathering up donation items for hurricane victims in Timbuktu to take to a drive at work, he came through and did a last minute rescue of Continue reading