Update on Yesterday’s Trashy Post





'I can too show gratitude. I'm just saving it for the right moment.'

‘I can too show gratitude. I’m just saving it for the right moment.’

Just thought I’d do a little test. I am putting the biggest searches to see how many hits I get on this post. Sorry, there won’t be any tantilyzing or provocative pictures, just deadly boring text. I will also list some tags I have used and gotten big draws. Please excuse this cheap trick. I will definitely not be posting this on Facebook.

Update on this trashy post. I posted this yesterday to see how many hits I’d get with these awful tags……….only 55. I got more when I posted about my Sunday School teacher, Miss Tilly. Go figure.

So here’s the link to Miss Tilly

Joke of the day

imageJoe never studied his Sunday School lesson and Miss Tillie decided to shame him a little.

“Joe, did you study your lesson?”

“Yess’um.” Continue reading