Lunch Bucket Blues

dirty dishwaterLife at our house was a mad-house on better days.  Daddy worked rotating shifts.  For second shift he had to leave the house by two in the afternoon.  He always had a lot going on before work, so he wouldn’t sit down to dinner (lunch) until one or one-fifteen.  Mother always served a hot, sit-down meal with meat, two vegetables, and biscuits or cornbread.  According to Daddy, she was disorganized, so it challenged her to get Continue reading

Smart Alec and Speechless

imageA few years ago, we were traveling through a country area and turned the radio to a farm program.  A farmer called in to advertise peas for sale, giving his name and number.  A few minutes later, someone called back asking for the name and phone number of the farmer with the peas.  The DJ lit rudely into the caller, telling him he should have been ready with a pencil to write the number down as it was announced.  He didn’t have time to go digging through phone numbers just because people didn’t listen.

Not surprisingly, it made the caller furious.  “Well, you just go to Hell!” Click!

The DJ sputtered,  “Well,….well…It takes one to know one.”

Time Out for Smart Alecks

imageMy dad was more creative than factual when making a point.  When there was no dessert, he pointed out.  “My mother or sisters made a cake every day.”

Other times, when we were ungrateful for how great we had it, he’d tell us his family sometimes went three days with nothing to eat but peas.

i piped up.  “Why didn’t y’all eat one of those cakes your mama or sisters made every day?”

He took time out his busy day to teach me the difference in smart and smart aleck.