101 Kind Quotes by Erika Kind, a Review

Just finished reading Erika Kind’s newest book, 101 Kind Quotes. If you enjoy Erika’s blog, you won’t be disappointed by her lovely book. I zipped through it in one sitting, but will be focusing on one quote a day. Erika has a wonderful way of making things better. Please check it out for yourself.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!


Look at this great Tootsie Warmer I won from Martie Hanna , A Hair in My Biscuit’s Etsy shop.  My Brother-in-law was visiting.  He was in terrible pain from a wrist injury.  I popped this in the microwave for a minute, he slipped his wrist in and got instant relief.Martie,  you might consider making these mitt-sized for hands.  He felt so much better.  Please check out Martie’s great shop.