Crazy Charlsie Part 21

Bobby scooped up an empty can for worms as they headed for the manure pile back of the barn.  The fat, pink earthworms frantically tried to  tunnel deeper into their happy home as the boys plucked them out with their bare hands.

“Wouldn’t you hate to be a worm and have to live in …”laughed Charley.  “ I wonder if horse, cow, chicken, or hog … the best.”

“Judging by the smell, hog ….. must be the best.  Flies just love that stuff.  They act like it’s dinner on the grounds.  They flies right by cow pies and horse flop to git to it.  I hope I don’t ever wake up an’ find out I’m a fly,”  remarked Freddy as they picked up worms.

”How ‘bout being a worm?  You’d have to live in it and eat it.”  Charley reminded him.  “And the fish just gobble up them nasty worms like they was fried chicken.”

”Then we eat the fish that loves them nasty worms.  I guess folks ain’t the pickiest, neither.  Look how Daddy  saves up this manure for his garden, just like it’s pure gold.  It don’t make no sense, does it?  Seems like it’d save time to learn to like manure,” Freddy quipped.

””You go ahead.  I’m gonna try for some fish,” said Charley.  “Look, the cats beat us down here.  and got our fishing spot.”  Bubbles and her half-grown kittens lay on their bellies on a wide log extending into the deeper water.    All three lay flat on their bellies.  Bubbles lay with a paw stretched out peering intently into the still water.  Seconds later, she adroitly dipped down, scooping up a minnow.  She batted the flopping fish a time or two before the kittens jumped on it.  In typical cat manner, the kittens tussled with it till they got all the good out of it, finally chowing  down when it gave up the ghost.  Bubbles seemed pleased when they both stretched out with a paw extended over the water.  She let them try a time or two before snagging another minnow for herself, just to show them how it was done.  When one of the kittens lost interest and tried to walk off, Bubbles cuffed him back to his lesson.

“Would you look at that!”  Charley laughed.  It’s just like they was in fishing school.”

”Yeah, farm cats have to earn their own livin’.  If you feed’em good an’ let ‘em lay up in the house, they might not learn to hunt.  They keep the snakes and rats down real good.  Bubbles was raised outside, but Mama lets her come and go, now, as she pleases.  We don’t never have to worry ‘bout no mouse turds in our sugar.  Bubbles is a good cat.  She just works for a little cream.”  Freddy told Charley.