Great Men

After studying Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther KIng, Jr. , my little grandson came home pondering their stories.  He told his mother.  “I want to do great things and help people, but I don’t want to get killed.”  What a thing for a child to have to think!


35 thoughts on “Great Men

  1. Thank you for sharing your grandson’s thoughts. I was having similar thoughts to that myself lately. I have posted photos of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in some posts I’ve written recently about my dog’s efforts to change the world. I have heard people expressing concern about mentioning certain topics online and I was thinking, you can’t go wrong with peace and then I thought about John Lennon. Hmm. There’s quite a list of good people who paid the ultimate price.
    You might be interested in getting involved in a global blogging movement 1000 voices speak for compassion. We are all going to write a post about compassion on February 20, the UN International Day of Social Justice. The details are on my blog here: They are on FB and twitter. I am very excited about reading the various posts xx Rowena


  2. I admire the way your grandson thinks on both counts. He wants to do good for the world, and that’s a noble enough idea; he just doesn’t want to get killed doing it… and that’s just smart.


  3. The key here is to point out to the boy the great, inspirational, world changing people who were not assassinated, who did not die early deaths. And yes, there are lots of them. History is filled with them.


  4. The crazy part of my brain insisted on taking this idea and running off with it, resulting in my pondering if there’s some sort of karmic selection system at work, letting folks attain “greatness,” however you choose to measure it… Then killing them to take them to the next part of the “ride.”

    Thanks for the inspiration, even if the idea as applied to the real world (or a small child’s logic) is a trifle disturbing. XD


  5. I think he has a clear idea about what he wants to do but without those horrible consequences. You always have such sweet stories. I am nominating you for the Versatility Award. If for any reason you decline, I will not be offended.


  6. Asariels Muse says:

    Kids catch on quick. Death is a natural part of life and sadly we tend to have blinders on to greatness until the person is dead. I balanced it out for my kids by seeking and studying other great people who lived to die a natural death and by helping them recognize greatness in those right around them.

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