My Parents’ Marriage (from Kathleen’s Memoirs of The Great Depression)

Grandma young adult0007family6homestead (2)The top picture is of Mary Elizabeth Perkins about the time she married.¬† The second is of Mary Elizabeth and Roscoe¬†Holdaway when they were in their late sixties or early seventies.¬†The¬†third picture is of the Holdaway Homestead in Red River County Texas.¬† The young blond man in the center¬†with the bicycle was Roscoe.¬† He was eighteen at the time this was taken.¬† He was twenty-eight and Mary Elizabeth twenty-two at the time of their marriage.¬†They probably didn’t expect to have children since their first child wasn’t born for six years.¬† This is the story of their courtship and marriage from the memoirs of their daughter Kathleen. Continue reading