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Charley’s Tale Part 11a

Dr. Graves, Charles’s colleague, recommended Ellen be admitted to the sanitarium  in Dallas for rest. Surprisingly, Ellen welcomed the idea.  She was familiar with the sanitarium.  It was more resort than hospital.  She had no qualms at leaving her infant, especially after Reverend Graves visited assured her the christening could easily be put off till the baby was six months old.  She packed her address books and made arrangements for the stationer to visit her at the resort with samples of birth announcements and christening invitations.  She didn’t want to overlook any detail in planning celebration of her “first” daughter’s birth.

She procured her mother’s promise to come to Dallas to shop for her own dress and a christening gown for the baby.  Now the reason for her unexplained weight gain was resolved, she looked forward to dazzling her friends on her return to society.  “Mama, do you remember when Lessie caught her husband with the maid?  It was such a scandal.  She went to Dallas for a couple of months and David was begging her to come home.  She must have lost twenty pounds while she was there.  Don’t say where you heard it, but she said she met someone and was tempted to stay.  She came home looking years younger.  She went to the spa every day…………” She nattered on an on about shopping for a whole new wardrobe while she was in Dallas.  She’d be swimming, playing tennis, and dressing for dinner every night.  She’d not had a chance to shop in Dallas in several years. She might even get her hair lightened or maybe even tinted red if she could get the nerve. She’d been a cotton-top as a child.  It would be good to relax, socialize, and only have herself to attend to for a while.  These last days had been stressful.

Charles and her mother both looked worried as they dropped her off at the “resort.” Charles offered to stay to help her settle in and have dinner with her, but she was anxious to have them off.  If they left now, she’d have time to swim and get her hair done before dinner.  Geneva got on her nerves with her fussing and she’d put up with far too much of Charles lately.


Charley’s Tale Part 11

Charley was miserable with her measles, but worse than measles was the separation from Cora.  The child asked after her constantly.  Because she was unsure if she’d ever had measles, Dr Evans asked her not to visit Charley.  Ellen demanded Cora’s attention constantly, anyway.  Charles was afraid for Ellen to be alone with the baby, so Cora kept it at her side as she worked.  Ellen was still abed, but called for the baby, despite Cora’s assurances she’d bring the baby to the minute she stirred.  Ellen insisted on calling her Charlotte, though Charles had said that wouldn’t do.  She flew into a rage when he opposed her, so he avoided the subject.  Ellen had a wild look in her eyes, and Charles began sedating her when he had to be out, fearing Cora might not be able to handle her.

Back at Geneva’s house, Charley was settling in with Josie to read to her and play games.  The child had never held anyone’s complete attention before, so she revelled in it.  Her father and brothers came to visit daily.  Birdie made her special treats.  Her grandmother loved having her in residence.  Once the initial misery of her illness was past, she was quite content, never thinking to ask after her mother which was fortunate, since her mother continued to ignore her existence.

Charles had mentioned Charley and her measles to Ellen a time or two, but Ellen acted as though she didn’t hear. When the baby was three days old, Charles decided to take on the problem of agreeing on a name before Reverend Parker came by to discuss the christening.  Ellen had begun calling her Charlotte, over Charles’s objection.

“Ellen, please listen to me.  You’re still confused since this new baby surprised us.  That happens after a baby once in a while, but you’ll be clearing up soon.  Our other little girl is Charlotte.  She’s been with your mother because she has the measles, but she will be home with us soon. I’d like to name this baby after my mother and yours.  What do you think of Geneva Catherine?  We can call her Genny.”

Ellen flew into a rage at his words.  “Why are you tormenting me?  You’re trying to convince me I am crazy carrying on about that other Charlotte.  You’re not getting rid of me that easy! I know all about that trashy little nurse of yours!  Get out of here!  Cora! Cora!  Get my mama over here!  Cora!”  She hurled the knife off her breakfast tray at him.collapsing into a paroxysm of frantic weeping as Cora came in to help him settle her down.  Cora finally got her to take something to relax her, since she wouldn’t have anything from his hand.

As things settled down, Charles realized Ellen needed more help than he could give her.  He made a phone call to a colleague.



Charley’s Tale Part 10

The new baby thrived despite its presumed prematurity.  Charles decided perhaps it was just a tiny, full-term infant, after all.  Ellen couldn’t have been happier.  Her mother reminded her that she had weighed a bit less than five pounds at birth and had done fine.  A dainty little girl was what Ellen had always wanted, anyway.  “My boys are fourteen and twelve now.  I’ve been lonesome at home all by myself.  Cora, you have to get my Christening Gown from Mother.  Ask Reverend Parker to stop by so we can schedule the Christening.  I’d love to have it in six weeks, but we may not get everything done by then.  This is the prettiest baby of all, don’t you agree, Charles?”  Ellen’s eyes glittered.  It seemed she couldn’t talk fast enough.  She slapped at Cora, who was brushing her hair.  “Damn it, Cora!  You are pulling!” Cora put the brush on the dressing table, out of Ellen’s reach.  Ellen had never treated her warmly, but this behavior was bizarre.  Geneva looked shocked at her daughter’s behavior.

“She’s a beauty, but I think she looks a lot like  Charley.  She’s just not as big.”  Ellen turned on him in a fury.  “Who is this Charley you keep talking about?  I told you I don’t want to hear any more about him.”  With this, she broke down into ragged weeping.  “Why can’t you leave me alone?  I told you I wanted to name this one Charlotte, after you, but you just keep at me.”  She screamed at Charles in her fury.

“Now, Ellen!  Don’t go working yourself up!  You are jostling the baby.”  Charles efforts to calm her had the opposite effect.  Ellen hurled her hand mirror at his head, barely missing him.  “Get out of here, you filthy, lying bastard.”  Charles moved to the bedside and restrained his wife, gesturing for Cora to take the baby to safety. 

“Ellen, let me get you something.  You are getting too worked up!” Charles got her tonic as Ellen sobbed hysterically, though she did rally for her medication.  Ellen had always been demanding and imperious,  but this was something entirely different.  He’d never heard her curse.

“Why can’t you just let me enjoy my baby?” she demanded.  “Mother, make Cora bring my baby back.”  Geneva stepped out when Charles gestured he’d stay with her alone.

“Ellen, I don’t mean to upset you.  Let’s don’t talk anymore.  I’ll just sit with you till you drift off.  Cora can take care of the baby


I love Patricia’s serials!

The Writers Desk

Clara Hays sat at her kitchen table sipping a cup of tea and reading the morning paper. She was enjoying the quiet and the sound of the waves from the Atlantic Ocean crashing against the jetty’s that ran along the beach. It was the end of April and the crowds would soon be swarming to the small town of Cape May. The peaceful town would soon be filled with people for the summer. Her sister Lena wasn’t an early riser nor a morning person so Clara had the kitchen to herself. The sisters lived in a big Victorian house left to them by their parents. Both ladies were in their seventies and had lived in the big old comfortable house all of their lives, neither was ever married, however, they were not virgins either. They just returned from a trip to Atlantic City late last evening. Both sisters liked to play…

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Hongry Little Billy

imageMother and Little Billy walked over to have coffee with Miss Alice many mornings after she got us on the school bus.  Of course he would have had breakfast before leaving the house with her.  One morning they got to Miss Alice’s before she’d had time to clear breakfast away.  A couple of strips of bacon and a few biscuits rested on a plate on the

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Mind Your Pees!

Kid peeingMother keeps a five-gallon thermos of ice water and a stack of plastic cups on her back steps for passersby in her neighborhood. She leaves a container for used cups so she can wash and reuse. Dozens of people stop by for water, every day,  mainly children. One day, a lone six-year-old stopped by, got a drink, turned his back to the street, peed in his

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Charley’s Tale Part 9

Charley’s fourth birthday marked a major turning point in her life.  Her mother unexpectedly went into labor.  At the age of forty-three, Ellen hadn’t had a menstrual cycle in eighteen months and of late had gained a few pounds.  She’d been extremely moody and fractious about her weight gain and loss of sexuality so her husband had steered clear of the sensitive subject

Coincidentally, Charley awoke with a fever and cough.  When Ellen’s screaming started, Charles did an exam and found her in labor.  Cora took Charley to Geneva’s house. Ellen  gave birth to a seven-month baby girl after twenty-four hours of bloody labor.  The baby was tiny, but perfect.   Ellen was ecstatic.  “I finally have a daughter.”

“Ellen, this is our second daughter.  Don’t forget Charley.”  Charles reminded her.

“I never had a girl named Charley.  That’s crazy.  I finally have my little girl.  My life is perfect.”  Ellen was euphoric.  Her eyes glittered strangely.

“No, Ellen, Cora took our girl Charlotte to your mother’s house while you were in labor.  This is our second daughter.”  Charles persisted.  I need to send Cora for Charley now you’ve delivered.”

“Cora’s not going anywhere.  I need her.  I don’t have a girl.  Let me rest.  Have Cora wake me when the baby needs nursing.  I think I want to name this one Charlotte after you since she’ll be the last.”

“Ellen, are you trying to tell me you don’t remember our little girl?”  He feared her mind was unhinged.

“This is my daughter.  Now, let me rest, Charles.”  Ellen closed her eyes. “Don’t be talking to me about another baby.  I won’t have you mocking me.”

Charles left the room puzzling over his wife.  He’d seen baby-blues before, and heard of madness after giving birth, though he’d never actually seen it.  He hoped Ellen would rally after rest.  She’d always been high-strung and subject to mood swings, but this was delusional.  Surely she’d rally when Charley came home.

Geneva called for him to come see to Charley.  As soon as he saw her, he knew she’d contracted measles.  “Miss Geneva, I am so sorry to put this on you, but I can’t bring her in the house with a new baby.  Can you keep her if I get someone in to help?  I’d send Cora but Ellen and the new baby are keeping her tied up.  Ellen seems a little confused and I don’t want her alone with the baby.”

“Of course, Charley will be fine here.  My help Birdie’s daughter Josie has already said she’ll help us out.  What’s wrong with Ellen? She’s always been notion.  Her daddy spoiled her so. Is the baby okay?”  Now Geneva was really worried.

“The baby is tiny, but I think she’ll be alright.  We’ve got her in a basket on the radiator, so she’s warm.  Cora’s waking her every two hours to feed and she’s always hungry.  That’s good.  Frankly, Ellen worries me.  She doesn’t remember Charley.  She says this is her first girl and wants to name her Charlotte.  I believe she will come to her senses in a day or two, but I am worried.”  Charles poured his worries out.,

“”One of my aunts was real queer after a baby.  She kept saying it wasn’t hers and she didn’t want anything to do with it.  She swore her husband had brought one of his women’s babies in.  Poor Wilbur sure was hurt hearing her say that.  He hadn’t ever been anything but good to her.  She finally came around but it was nearly six weeks.  Most of the time she did good after that, but she did have a few bad spells over the the years.  Ellen will do after her female problems settle down.   I sure hope so.”  Geneva’s words worried him.  He didn’t know if hearing the family history made him feel better or worse.




Doggonit, Give Me Some Directions that Make Sense

            I’m not good with directions.  In fact, I’d have to improve considerably to even be bad.  Useless terms like left, right, North, South, East, and West annoy me.  If people actually expect me to get somewhere, they need to be more specific.  “Turn off the interstate at exit 5.  Go the opposite direction you’ve been going and go three streets past Brookshire’s.   Drive just a minute or so and you’ll see a restaurant with the big cow in the parking lot.  Don’t turn there.  Drive to the next red light and turn on the street that turns between the WaWa and that hardware store with the inflatable lumberjack.  Watch for the ugly house with the silk flowers in the bucket of that tacky wishing well.  Pass it up, but now you need to start driving pretty slow.  You’ll see a big, old white house with a deep porch and…

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