Noah and His First Three Lives

Noah SweetNoah Meow

A month ago, a friend was putting her bags in her car on the way to the airport out of town for several days in the middle of a torrential rainstorm when she heard the pitiful meows of this tiny kitten.  The kitten’s eyes were barely open.  It had washed up from somewhere in the storm and lodged in tree roots near her house.  It was so tiny and looked so sick, she felt it had no chance of survival, but she sheltered it, wiped it up, wrapped it up in blankets, and put warm milk with a rag for it to suck, a dish of water, and some mushy dog food, hoping its mother would find it.  Already late, she meant to ask a friend to check on it.  Late the next morning of the next day, by the time she remembered, she was sick at heart, realizing there was no way that tiny kitten survived such brutal conditions.  She dreaded coming home, expecting to see its stiff, little body waiting where she left it.

She listened when she came in late from her flight home, hoping against hope she’d hear a tiny meow, though doubting it was possible.  Nothing.  The next day when she went out, this frisky guy came prancing up to her, having survived several days on the food and water she’d left.  Though she hadn’t planned to adopt a kitten, little Noah had earned his home, having survived the flood.  Since then Noah has survived two mishaps.  Though her dog Izzy loves Noah, Noah startled Izzy in her sleep, and got seriously snapped for her trouble.  It happened again about a week later, nearly knocking little Noah senseless for a few minutes, and cutting her eye.  Today Noah’s eye opened and she appears to have vision.  Izzy is now careful about Noah, apparently not forgetting about her anymore.