Great Comment from Dewinnefol

It’s interesting that the comments you get are often better than the posts.  Look at this comment I got from on my Joke of the Day!  He kindly gave me permission to post it.

Thank you for the daily chuckle Linda…those salt-cellars are a very persuasive bunch lol 🙂 The funny today brought a smile and an amusing memory…

The memory is of a Salesman who once called in at an upmarket Food Store I worked in many years ago, and who spent a moment or two explaining to me how he landed the job with his prestigious employer. I admit he had a highly persuasive character with a natural flare for selling. He was also a very decent and honest man.

He (let’s call him Jerry) had been asked to attend an interview late on a Friday afternoon for a company he had longed to work for and knew it would be a particularly tough call to do well at interview, especially at that end of a long arduous week. Jerry knew he didn’t enjoy being interviewed and was a nervy sort of chap anyway: a young man almost turned 17 and eager to find his first real work.

Having arrived a little early, and been kept waiting for nearly an hour longer than necessary, Jerry was at last shown in through the double doors and entered a long, narrow, wood panelled office. Pausing as he’d been instructed, he waited quietly to be called forward, all to aware of the rising anxiety breaking out as beads of sweat on his brow. The ‘instruction’ to come forward was both sudden and severe and delivered with gusto – something along the lines of…’Get a bloody move on, I haven’t got all day to wait for the likes of you!’ With nerves now jangling Jerry stepped quickly towards the large mahogany desk at the far end of the office, some 30 long paces ahead.

The boss was reclined in his chair reading an evening newspaper with his feet raised upon the desk and a lit cigarette in his hand. From what Jerry remembers, the guy never even looked at him as he approached the desk and stood waiting to be asked to sit, as was the customary manner. He recalls a short, but somewhat drawn out silence before the Boss suddenly spoke, ‘well go on then…impress me!’ and continued to read his newspaper. Jerry thinks it was at this point he had had enough, and thoroughly disillusioned reached across the desk, picked up the cigarette lighter, lit the bottom edge of the Bosses newspaper, turned, and with great haste made a bee-line for the door!

Suffice to say, the following Tuesday a letter arrived in the morning post offering him a position with the company, a generous salary and suit allowance and the use of a company vehicle. Jerry was delighted of course, accepted the offer immediately, and never once looked back. Some 30 years later he was still working for the same employer and now found management to his liking. True story, or so I am told