Nutsrok Meets VanBytheRiver


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Okay, Now that Van, from Vanbytheriver has posted about our meeting last week, I have to catch you up.¬† It was so much fun.¬† I sent her a picture, but she swore she’d know me anywhere.¬† I guess she didn’t think there would be that many round ladies in a blue-and-white gingham checked shirt and white knee pants with¬†wild silver hair grinning like a possum and waving like mad on the Septa Platform.¬† Believe it or not, it turns out she was right.¬† I knew her the minute I saw her!¬† She had a smile a mile wide, probably because she was anticipating a¬† serial killer¬†and pleased I didn’t look¬†the part, so if you’re looking for a convincing serial¬†killer disguise, try mine.¬†Turns out, my daughter had warned me that¬†Van might be a serial killer, till I reminded her I’d set up the meeting.¬† Wouldn’t it have been an amazing coincidence if we had both been serial killers stalking each other instead of WordPress bloggers meeting up for the first time?¬† What a premise for a story!

We laughed and swapped stories like we’d grown up together.¬† I feel like she’s my sister, now.¬†¬†We tried on¬†hats in a consignment shop.¬†Van¬†looked adorable in the cute little paper hat with a flower. ¬†I looked like a crazed Southern Belle in my white veiled wedding hat.¬† All I needed was a mint julep to complete the picture.¬† You’ve probably already wondered what in the world in was doing in that hat in my Ask Auntie Linda pictures.¬† Well that explains it.¬† I did end up getting a complete set of Roger’s Silver Plate for eight in a lovely case for $42.¬† I just love vintage stuff.¬† I had more fun than I’ve had in such a long time.¬† I wish I could meet all my WordPress friends.¬† If you ever want a meetup, let me know.¬† If you haven’t read Van’s article, please check link above.¬† She is not a serial killer, as far as I know.