Auntie Linda Reaches Out To Anna Duggar

Auntie LindaimageI wish I had had the opportunity to¬†reach out¬†to Anna Duggar and young women like her¬†before they are sadly misguided by their parents, churches and future in-laws into oppressive, early marriages rather than being encouraged to develop as fully functioning members of society.¬† Anna’s parents¬†additionally betrayed her by sanctioning¬†her marriage to a man they knew had already molested his sisters and others.¬† They should have told her to run, not walk!¬† It is an outrage to deprive women of education and opportunities in the name of Godliness. Women who are already in this situation will surely need help and support to make a life outside their church and family. Though Josh Duggar has¬†admitted to being addicted to pornography and having committing adultery, and well as child molestation, Anna¬†has to be facing¬†tremendous¬†from her¬†parents, in-laws, church and friends to “stand by her man”¬†where her role is to¬†assume a portion the guilt of a straying spouse, supporting him in his weakness. ¬†If only she’d been more supportive, listened better, been a better lover……… ¬†Likely, Anna feels she has no skills, despite her years of mothering ang managing a home, feeling she can’t support the children alone.¬†¬†I challenge Anna to look at the children she brought into the world;¬†children she is responsible to protect¬†at all costs.¬† They deserve a life free of perversion and shame.¬† Should¬†Anna decide to bravely make the decision to protect her children, she can change things for children at risk for abuse everywhere.