Good Old Sausage Gravy

If your pants are getting loose and your cholesterol and blood sugar are dropping by the minute, try this great recipe for sausage.gravy.  It will fix you right up.  A word of caution, don’t confuse evaporated and sweetened condensed milk like my son did.  You will have a mess.

Good Old Sausage Gravy

1/2 pound breakfast sausage

1/3 cup flour

3 Tablespoons oil

1 can evaporated milk (not condensed) diluted with 12 ounces of water.

I always cook this in a large cast iron skillet. Scramble sausage in oil over moderate heat, scraping bottom of skillet with spatula continuously.  Sprinkle flour over sausage as it cooks, Continue to cook and stir until scrambled sausage is no longer pink.  Flour should be starting to brown as you cook.  Do not allow to singe.  Stir in milk stirring continuously, taking care not to get burned by steam as you add liquid.  You may have to add more milk to get consistency you desire.  Taste before you season, since sausage may season it perfectly.  Simmer on low about three minutes.  Serve over hot biscuits.


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