I might be wacko follow up


Initial post:
Just got a text from my daughter.

Her: Just got another box of stuff from you. Can the kids open them now?

(I had ordered them some things the week before and asked her to not to open it till this box got there. Stuff for Isaac was in first box and didn’t want to cause upset.)

Me: sure. Let me know what they got n how it wkd out.. I forgot what I sent.

Her: Oh lord.

Me: well, did I send good stuff?

She never got back to me. Now, I am dying to know what I sent. I wish she wouldn’t complain about my texts.

Follow up:

For my grandson, I had sent oil crayons and sketch pad, swim trunks and shirt,self-inflating Whoopee cushion which made me grandma of the year. I also sent underwear which my daughter insists marked him for life. I should think you’d be marked for life if you never had underwear.

The baby got a swimsuit, a toy phone, a Hello Kitty fork and spoon, and a great big box to play in. She loved the box and went after her brother’s Whoopee Cushion.

35 thoughts on “I might be wacko follow up

  1. I’m laughing because you can’t remember what you sent. Hurry up… I’m dying to know what I sent you. Oh, yeah, that’s right. And yes, my kids always like climbing into boxes (or laundry baskets) and playing with the packing material. Squishing “S” shaped Styrofoam that made a wonderful cracking noise when crumbled or the ultra fun bubble wrap that is very satisfying with each POP.

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  2. It’s good to have the answer to a mystery. It’s like working out the solution in the game Clue. (“It was the grandson in the living room with the Whoopee cushion.”)


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